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News Archive

2022-03-04 Version 0.11.3 released. Many bug fixes. See ChangeLog.

2021-10-21 Version 0.11.2 released. Many bug fixes. Applications using the HTML control are advised to upgrade. See ChangeLog.

2021-05-24 Version 0.11.1 released. Many bug fixes and improvements. See ChangeLog.

2022-04-11 mCtrl's GDI+/Direct2D wrapper code has been isolated into a standalone and reusable library, WinDrawLib. You may find more about it in the article on

2021-10-17 Version 0.11.0 released. The highlight of this version is great enhancement of the MDI tab control with support for the Aero glass effect. See ChangeLog for more info.

2021-10-14 Website design overhaul. Hope you like it.

2021-09-05 Version 0.10.0 released. A number of enhancements of the grid control, and as always a batch of fixes. See ChangeLog.

2021-08-26 Time to leave For the project web site, we are migrating to our own domain, Please update your bookmarks. For some time, our code already lives elsewhere, on GitHub.

2021-08-26 Thanks to, mCtrl project is now continually integrated. Any commit/pull into the upstream repo triggers an automatic build with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. See the latest build results.

2022-04-28 Version 0.9.8 released. This is a bug-fix release. See ChangeLog.

2022-03-03 Version 0.9.7 released. Plethora of fixes and improvements. See ChangeLog.

2021-10-08 Version 0.9.6 released. Added image view control, multi-select in tree-list control and number of fixes. More detailed info can be found in the ChangeLog.

2021-09-05 Version 0.9.5 released. The very incomplete property view removed from master branch, until it is at least a bit usable. Many bug fixes and minor enhancements, especially to the tree-list view control. See ChangeLog.

2022-07-21 Version 0.9.4 released. It contains many important bug fixes. See ChangeLog.

2022-06-12 Version 0.9.3 released. Minor enhancements of the tree-list control and few assorted bug fixes. More details in the ChangeLog.

2022-03-12 Version 0.9.2 released. No new features, but many bug fixes.

2022-03-12 What a busy week. I experienced hard disk failure, so spent a lot of time to save some data, reinstalling Windows and all the SW on new disk. A lot of fun was also caused by the idea to register mCtrl as a project for Coverity Scan. False positive rate is quite low and acceptable and it indeed found so many bugs, some of them quite major. Static analysis capabilities of the tool really impressed me. Thank you, Coverity!

2022-03-03 Minor update 0.9.1 comes. The coolest news of this release is animation of MdiTab and expand controls, but of course there is more. See ChangeLog for more info.

2022-02-06 New version 0.9.0 brings many new features, including new chart control, expand control and tree-list view control. Note that it also breaks binary compatibility with older versions. However I consider it as a major step towards 1.0 and API freeze. See ChangeLog for more complete list of changes.

2022-02-01 Moved code repositories to The project homepage and release package distribution will continue to be hosted on

2022-01-29 0.8.4 release, which fixes one but important bug. All users of older version are recommended to upgrade. More info in the ChangeLog.

2021-10-05 0.8.3 released. Many bug fixes and enhancements. See ChangeLog for list of changes.

2021-09-01 The git repo has been moved from git:// to ssh://

2022-05-11 A ThemeExplorer, new tool helping to explore dark corners of visual styles, has been born to developers. You can find it in project download area.

2021-08-24 0.8.2 released. There are assorted minor fixes and enhancements. See ChangeLog for more details.

2022-01-23 0.8.1 released quite soon after 0.8.0. Fixed the buggy grid styles MC_GS_COLUMNHEADERCUSTOM and MC_GS_ROWHEADERCUSTOM and more. See ChangeLog for full list of changes.

2022-01-20 0.8.0 released and bringing new grid control. See ChangeLog for list of changes.

2022-01-18 Relicensing the mCtrl library! The next release will be covered by LGPL 2.1 instead of GPL 2.0.

2021-12-17 0.7.1 released. See ChangeLog for list of changes.

2021-12-05 0.7.0 released. HTML control is now much more powerful and better documented. See ChangeLog for more info.

2021-11-17 0.6.2 released. Just some assorted fixes.

2021-11-16 Started work on new project website. It's still incomplete but I believe it's already better the the old simple page.

2021-11-16 Tried mCtrl 0.6.1 in Wine 1.3.7. All controls seem to work properly :)

2021-10-30 0.6.1 released.

2021-10-28 Transition of mCtrl repository to git.

2021-11-03 0.6.0 released.