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Latest Release

Version 0.11.3
Prebuilt binary package (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Includes reference manual.
7.87 MB Download
Complete source tree package.
2.01 MB Download
Reference Manual
View the Reference Manual online.

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Source Code Repo

Current sources can also be found in the primary git development repository hosted on

To clone it to your local machine (assuming you have git installed), use may use the following command:

git clone

Continuous Integration


Monsters are living here. The CI builds are generally in a constant state of change. There is no guaranty about their quality or stability, or that any new feature will survive until the next release.

We use continuous integration (CI) during mCtrl development: Any push into the mCtrl git repository triggers a new build on, so you can find products of those development build there:

Note: When looking there, pay attention to from what branch the build was triggered. Unless you know what exactly you are after, you should probably only take builds from the master branch.