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mCtrl/version.h File Reference

Retrieving mCtrl version. More...

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Data Structures

struct  MC_VERSION
 Structure describing MCTRL.DLL version. More...


void MCTRL_API mcVersion (MC_VERSION *lpVersion)
 Retrieve MCTRL.DLL version.

Detailed Description

Retrieving mCtrl version.

This header provides a functions to retrieve mCtrl version.

A simpler and very straightforward way is to call the function mcVersion.

More generic way is to use a de-facto standard way by calling the function DllGetVersion. MCTRL.DLL exports this function, as a lot of standard DLLs distributed by Microsoft does. Note this function has no declaration in any mCtrl public header, as it is inteded to be used with LoadLibrary only. Prototype of the function looks like this:


The function supports DLLVERSIONINFO as well as DLLVERSIONINFO2 structure. See documentation of the function on MSDN for further info about the function:

Function Documentation

void MCTRL_API mcVersion ( MC_VERSION lpVersion  ) 

Retrieve MCTRL.DLL version.

[out] lpVersion Pointer to the version structure.