mCtrl  0.11.1
Debugging (with) mCtrl

Debug Build

MCTRL.DLL can be built in Release as well as in Debug configuration. In production, the release build should always be used. However for diagnostics, debugging and during development of you application, or even when developing mCtrl itself, the Debug build may be very helpful.

In general, the debug builds of MCTRL.DLL should be binary compatible and usable as a drop-in replacement of the Release builds of MCTRL.DLL.

The Debug builds differs from the Release builds in the following ways:

Since version 0.11.0, debug builds for gcc as well as for Visual Studio are included in the released binary packages.

Debug Logging

As noted above, the debug build of MCTRL.DLL logs down some messages during the runtime of application linked with MCTRL.DLL. The logging is performed via the OutputDebugString() function.

So this debug output may be seen with any application capable of catching, this output which includes Microsoft debugger within Microsoft Visual Studio (just run your application within the debugger), gdb (ditto), or DebugView utility available from the package of SysInternals utilities (see

Seeing this debug output may help whenever something with mCtrl goes wrong and this makes the Debug build of MCTRL.DLL very valuable tool during application development: